About Us

We launched BK365 in March of 2010 in response to feeling our little borough of Brooklyn being under-represented in the NYC space. Always a footnote in publications like NY Mag, TimeOut, and the rest.

We strive to inform and entertain. If you need to get the word out about an event, new restaurant, gallery opening, or anything else of relevance to our audience please contact us. We’re all about helping you out.

Also, if you would like to leverage our social media savvy on a special project like real-time buzz aimed at the local NYC market, definitely contact us. We can get the word out via other blogs, newspapers, Twitter, Facebook and other essential online media channels, not just our own. We’re also friends with the local PR mavens, so if the project is beyond our capabilities, we’ll refer you to the right people.

Todd Shaffer is a former technology director at the social networking company Community Connect where he was responsible for overseeing operations for a site pushing 1m unique viewers daily.

Martin Maisonpierre works at large multinational PR firm working with clients of all sizes and has extensive experience on many different sides of the media world.