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Tar Pit Presents: Locally Brewed

What do you get when you mix blank garage doors, some of the city’s best artists and a sponsorship from Sixpoint brewery? If it isn’t abundantly clear – you get some outlandishly cool collaborative artwork, a better looking neighborhood and a damn good party.

This Saturday, September 10, join Tamara Santibanez & Alex McWatt of Three Kings Tattoo in Greenpoint, Tres Roemer & ABSORB, Molly DilworthAmanda Hagy & Jesse Jones for Locally Brewed, as they engage in Exquisite Corpse – an art style pioneered by the likes of Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray (culture yourselves).  The artists will be placed in a sequential order and will demonstrate a live performance of collaboration on a set of 5 garage doors. They will all glean inspiration from the image before them by incorporating something from the prior piece of work.

Make sure you head on out to this for some great live art, music (by Daniel Meagher, Mrs. &Special Guests) the opportunity to create some Exquisite Corpse of your own and have a beer or two. The event is sponsored by Sixpoint Brewery (who will be providing the beer ), Artists and Craftsmen, Brooklyn Farmacy, Brooklyn Culinary Meatballs, Kitten Coffee, and Three Kings Tattoo, and is curated by Dani Zorzy and Tar Pit owners Kerry Sano and Lauren Kidder.

Locally Brewed

What: Tar Pit Presents – Locally Brewed

When: September 10, 11 AM-9PM

Where: 135 Woodpoint Road, Brooklyn, NY

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