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PBR Specials & Free Tattoos @ Lady Jay’s – A Match Made in Heaven or Something

Stick & Poke Tattoos - Click to Enlarge

Sometimes articles just about write themselves – Weinergate being the most obvious example. The upcoming Stick & Poke event at Lady Jay’s is no exception. On Wednesday, August 17, starting at 10pm, Lady Jay’s will play host to Stick & Poke, an event focused on the classic art of stick & poke tattoos (read: free-hand, stick-figure-esque tats). So that little heart prison tat your mom has on her ass arm? Yeah, that’s stick & poke.

A handful of local tat artists (Gordie Cousino and Canyon Castator) will be on location giving out free stick & poke tattoos on a first-come-first-serve basis. In order to get a tat, you will need to sign a waiver release form and presumably, not be hammered.

According to PBR, the cultural arbiter of our times and event sponsor, “stick & poke tattoos have become increasingly more popular in many young demographics.” So now is the time for you to jump on that train before it leaves the station.

PBR reps will be offering free PBR tattoos (hopefully of the non-permanent kind) and a handful of specials throughout the evening. Looks like there is also a PBR sponsored mix-tape CD that has been created by DJ El Brian, which will be given out free with your first PBR purchase. And what’s more, DJ El Brian will be flying out for the  event along with the local DJ Skrizzle.

Oh, and there will be a PBR photobooth where you’ll be able to show off your newest ink.

What: Stick & Poke: Brooklyn
Where: Lady Jay’s, 633 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY
When: August 17 at 10 pm

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