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8 Hours in Brooklyn: Slow Motion Video From Next Level Pictures

Summer in Brooklyn means a lot of things – hacked fire hydrants, outdoor eating/drinking, pavement hot enough to fry an egg, (insert fond Brooklyn summer memory here).  Next Level Pictures went ahead and captured 8 hours of footage throughout BK without any pre-production, putting together one of the summer-vibe movies we have ever seen. Enjoy and keep this one handy for those cold winter months, because this one really brightens up the day.

Via the Next Level Pictures blog, Jonathan Bergel says of the video:

The idea behind this video was to document whatever sort of culture we could find within an 8 hour span with literally no pre-production. I have honestly seen too many slow-motion explosions, face slaps, and popping water balloons, that I thought capturing real culture, and real emotion would be a cool change of pace. My goal was to successfully pull of a few of these shots with a small crew in order to be able to pitch the Phantom Flex for a lot of the documentary work we shoot/produce.

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  • Crackheads in Canada. Car broken into, snatched a lowepro bag with a couple Canon 580EX II speedlights. Luckily they left my passport.
  • Cattle Point Lighthouse on San Juan Island, Washington. Still in Vancouver.
  • Sunrise on big lava lake, Oregon. Leaving Vancouver tomorrow morning.
  • Lava lake sunrise. Oregon. Now in downtown Vancouver.
  • Surfer reflection. Oregon coast. Currently waiting for the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver.
  • Lime Kiln lighthouse on San Juan Island, Washington. Now in Torino, BC.
  • Cascade Falls near Cascade Lake on Orcas Island, Washington.
  • German shepherd, red truck. Back in Oregon. Now in Nanaimo, BC.
  • Saw the sun once on the way up St Helens. Less than five minutes later the sky was closed and the storm resumed.
  • ME! From the rim of the volcano. Mount St. Helens. White out conditions, snow in my stache.
  • Breaking Bad RV in the fog.
  • Tallest man alive
  • Cape Blanco, Oregon. Detail of lighthouse. Foggy day.
  • Inverness, California at Sunrise.
  • Whales Head, Oregon at sunrise.
  • Morning after the night before. Bandit camping brethren bailing from the scene after the parks service gave us a heads up that it would be wise to skidaddle out of there.
  • Light, shadow.
  • Sick piece of graf back in the mission, sf.
  • Twerk.
  • Vette.

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