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A Public Swimming Pool Floating In The East River

While the McCarren Park Pool is well on its way back to its original iteration as a swimming pool instead of concert venue, a handful of people have banded together to bring a supremely great idea to the waterfront: A floating swimming pool IN the East River.
Two creative firms, Family and PlayLab have banded together with engineering firm Arup to bring the +Pool project from concept to reality New York City. The idea sprang from three guys spending last summer in the sweltering heat thinking “wouldn’t it be great if we could go swimming in the East River and not catch herpi-ghonna-ciphul-itus?”

So they did what any group of sweaty-genius-designers would do: Design a pool to float in the East River using advanced materials designed to filter the water from the river, use it for the swimming pool, and send it back into the ecosystem. Brilliant!

Now, you may be asking yourself “yeah, but will this ever actually happen?” and the answer definitively is yes. They’ve raised over $29,000 in the first seven days of their Kickstarter campaign, and with a bit of help from everyone out there should exceed the second goal of $50K. Check out the video below and give anything you’ve got from $10 to $10,000 to make this happen! Contribute here.

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