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Pop-Up Disco Party In A Williamsburg Laundromat

“Once upon a time, in the disco era, people threw renegade pop-up parties in the most unusual places. We’re transforming an actual Williamsburg Laundromat into the Dirty Disco Laundrette.”

Our dear friend and outstanding party designer Adam Aleksander has teamed up with internationally recognized DJs The Juan MacLean and Justin Miller from DFA Records (the label that houses Hot Chip & LCD Soundsystem) to throw what will be one of the party to kick off the summer. They’re taking over a recently abandoned laundromat on Metropolitan Avenue for one night and transforming it into a party reminiscent of a bygone era where people blowing cocaine on rollerskates in the club didn’t raise an eyebrow.

While the $75 ticket may have you eating Ramen for the next week, you have to understand what it buys you. An unlimited number of top-shelf drinks delivered by a devilishly talented mixologist (worth the price itself if you’re a lush like us), two top djs, a crew of undercover performers in the crowd who will pop into action when you least expect it, and us.

Oh, and rock a costume, cause roller-girl doesn’t go home with boring-dude-from-the-future.

What: The Dirty Disco Laundrette Party
When: June 17, 2011 from 10:30 PM – 4 AM
Where: Metro Community Laundromat (Metropolitan Ave between Lorimer/Union Ave)
Tickets: Click here.

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