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Halloween Party by 3rd Ward + Danger List in Four Warehouses

Update: The party was a blast, a few pictures can be found here (NSFWish).

Coming from personal experience, out of anything you do this halloween, do this. Within The Land of Ash is a party that takes over four sprawling warehouse spaces and the streets of Bushwick. Musical and artistic performances (including dance by the cast of Fela, music by Das Racist, DJ Reggie Watts, more) will wander throughout the cavernous spaces as you wander from location to location. This is one of the most ambitious events the 3rd Ward / Danger List crew has put together and nothing on Saturday night will compare.

For full performer listings and details see: http://www.WithinTheLandofAsh.com/

Here’s their press release for the event:

It starts at the Brewery…
117 years ago, this hulking structure was erected to feed the city’s thirst for intoxication. The cavernous interior of this historic structure is the introduction to your night with performances by the Lady Circus hidden in the rafters, in the shadows and all around you. Here, the Madagascar Institute will be premiering its newest indelicate sculpture, The Emperor Satan’s Roco-Coach built by Gaylen Hamilton and made live by the infamous Zeroboy. The building is breathtaking, the performances are precarious and this is just the beginning…

It continues at the Furniture Factory…
We’ve converted three floors of this building into a labyrinth of music and performance including the international hip-hop all-stars from Okay Africa featuring: Baja + The Dry Eye Crew, Meta and the Cornerstones, Ishmael Kayoute and dancers from the cast of Fela! on Broadway, dj Dhundee and OP!, plus early sets from Das Racist and the unmissable Reggie Watts. Also, explore after-life themed interactive art installations alongside jump-up dance music in the antique lounge by the Vintage DJ and Peter Principle.

In the Knit Factory…
The entire Wolf + Lamb label takes over the second floor of this warm and cozy factory space with immaculately composed dance tracks featuring: Soul Clap, Slow Hands, Nicolas Jaar Live, Nick (No Regular Play), and back from around-the-world travel: Wolf + Lamb playing the sunrise set. On the ground floor, Image Node Crew keeps it comfortable with music and projections in the Blink Dome. Outside in the hidden yard, get hot/wet in the return of the hot-tub and all night delicious things provided by Bushwick’s favorite, Roberta’s Brick Oven Pizza.

In Omega Plastics…
This unexplored warehouse is 10,000sqft. of recently abandoned space. We’ve left everything intact, from the dilapidated office space to the workers’ lockers to the piles of disco balls they formerly manufactured (seriously). When we stepped inside, the antiquity of the building spoke for itself. It has stories to tell. Its history will be brought to life with The Xango Tribe building intimate experiences within domes and hidden spaces featuring live music, food and small moments of magic. The Cumba Mela Collective takes over the other half of the space with crowd pleasing global bass, pulling influences from tribal house, Balkan brass, dubstep and electro. Featuring djs: Atropiolis, Thor and 2melo with live mcs Polo and Shanti and an orchestra of live percussion and other instrumentation.

On the street…
Halloween weekend is more than just a holiday. It’s an escape, an excuse and a celebration for a city of lost children. One party can’t contain your energy – you deserve more than a masquerade ball. Beyond the indoor
bacchanal listed above are dozens of spontaneous performances happening throughout the streets in this neighborhood wide carnival. On this night, your brilliance is the bullet, this party is your trigger, aim yourself at
the impossible and…explode.

Within the Land of Ash
7pm through 7am
Saturday, October 30th, 2010

$15 before 9:45pm : $25 after : Strictly 21+
Come in costume for free champagne at the bliss bar.

Your experience begins at:
260 Meserole St. in Bushwick, Brooklyn
and continues throughout the neighborhood.

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  • The pool didn't open until 11am, but swimming at sunrise could not be passed up. #nofilter #roadtrip
  • Here's looking at you girl. Odd decoration inside Craigs BBQ in De Valls Bluff Arkansas.
  • Good afternoon #Memphis - Sun Studios where Johnny Cash, Howlin' Wolf, BB King, Elvis Presley amongst many others cut records.
  • Dukes of #Hazzard General Lee #Dodge #Charger at the movie car museum in Jackson TN
  • Real hot, damn hot. Accidentally found this #swimming hole right in time. Somewhere between #Nashville and #Memphis. #roadtrip #lake
  • I loved you, #Nashville but the show must go on. #roadtrip
  • Frazier Ave and Tremont St., #Chattanooga #Tennessee - Mural of Charles #Babbage, Nikola #Tesla, Alan #Turing, Vannevar Bush, Claude Shannon, Steve Jobs
  • When you're traveling with no particular place to be on a #roadtrip, you may find yourself, awaking in a #Buddhist retreat in the middle of the #Smoky #Mountains
  • Good morning Bryson City, NC. Smoky Mountains Railroad engine #1751.
  • 11 mile loop trail. Swimming hole. Rope swing. No board shorts. No problem.
  • Road side shack selling boiled goobers. Near Fontana Lake on Hwy 19 in NC.
  • Hello, Asheville.
  • Starving horse on the side of the Blue Ridge in North Carolina. Gave him a couple bags of granola, but that ain't shit to an animal his size. Calling animal services. If you can't feed him you shouldn't own him.
  • Kim France and Jon Davis pickin and grinnin at Uncle Lee's Bar•B•Q inside the Old Hampton Store in Linville, North Carolina. I've never seen a guy bend strings like that.  #roadtrip
  • The #cascades in North Carolina. Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. #waterfall #roadtrip
  • Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • You need a biscuit. Downtown #Roanoke Virginia.
  • Sudden Curve Ahead... The iconographer had a lot of fun with the label below for the illiterate. Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • When life gives you lemons in Waynesboro, VA...
  • The #sunset from Dundo overlook just off Skyline Drive in Shenandoah. Storm front passing overhead.

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