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UPDATED: Hipsters Democracy Win: Brooklyn / DC Gets Bus Service Connector

Hipster Bus, YEAH.

UPDATE:  In a TRUE win for democracy, we were contacted by Nichole Remmert, the PR representative for theknowitexpress, with the following message:

“Hi everyone! I do the PR for theknowitexpress and we’ve heard you – loud and clear! We’re dumping the Manhattan stop and will link direct from Brooklyn to U Street. Thanks for all the input – I can’t wait to welcome you to DC!”

So it appears that cooler heads have prevailed and Penn Station has been ditched – much to the merriment of hipsters and long distance BK/DC relationships. The bus will now be going straight from DC to BK and back again!

For those of you new to the story, read-on:

In a win for democracy, a new bus service will start running on October 22, between DC and Brooklyn. Given hipsters inability to fill out the census, this bus route may give hipsters from both DC and Brooklyn that ability to contemplate our nation’s democracy while en-route.

The Knowit Express is a new, private bus service that will be running between U Street in Washington, DC, and Park Slope. The only major issue we see with this equation is the route includes a quick stop at Manhattan’s Penn Station.

Weekend bus service launches on Friday October 22, 2010 and will provide morning and afternoon travel with morning runs from U Street to Brooklyn and evening runs from Brooklyn to U Street: 4.5 hours to Manhattan; 5 hours to Brooklyn – give or take 2 hours….

Tickets are $25 one-way, $45 round trip ($40 with student discount) and $30 one-way walkup (DC only).

Like any bus worth its weight in salt the buses will feature free wi-fi and access to plugs but these buses will also feature snacks. Now I have NO idea what that entails and I doubt it means a case of Pabst and fries, but hell, water and pretzels aren’t half bad considering you have to give an appendage for access to any food on a plane or train. Another nice feature and one that caters to both the U Street and Brooklyn folks is the on-board bike storage.

Other amenities include:

* DC Metro and New York Subway accessible locations
* Newly released movies onboard
* Laptop borrow service
* Senior and Student Discounts
* Frequent Traveler and Group Discounts
* Free Reschedule Privileges
* Exclusive member discounts for local businesses, events, and deals


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