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Best Pizza In Williamsburg Opens Its Doors

Located on the sleepy block between North 7th and 8th Street on Havemeyer in Williamsburg, Best Pizza has opened for business. Taking over the former Brooklyn Star space, the three amigos Frank, Gavi, and Akhil (ah-keel) are turning out some incredibly tasty slices with prices in line with far more average pizza joints.

The team putting this together? One of the former Brooklyn Star owners Joaquin Baca and the Bushwick crew from Roberta’s are backing the venture. They’ve tapped pizzaiolo Frank Pinello who’s hopping over the East River from Keith McNally’s restaurant on the Bowery, Pulino’s Bar & Pizzeria. For those that pay attention to the world of pizza in this city, a pedigree worth attention.


The spot is bare bones with all of the signage consisting of either masking tape or paper plates with friend-emblazoned graffiti. One of the best labels in the joint is above the beer tap ($4/pint or $13/pitcher) that reads No Weeezing The Juice. There are 16 chairs in the white walled dining room looking into the kitchen where you can watch the guys slice and dice the fresh ingredients and feed them into the wood burning stove.

They’re serving up slices at $3-$5 with toppings from the Brooklyn Grange (when the season permits). The menu features a handful of staples, but the best way to order is just by walking up and asking what’s coming out fresh. Upon my visit that happened to be the Grandma Slice (plum-tomato sauce, hint of anchovie, local mozz), which held the perfect ratio of crisp to doughiness on a thin (but not too thin) crust with the proper level of sauce and cheese.

There’s a lot of pie in this city and as far as a by-the-slice spot goes, Best Pizza isn’t a title that rings hollow.

Best Pizza (718-599-2210)
33 Havemeyer St (Between N7/N8th Street)

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  • Seattle Architects

    That Pizza looks good. We are designing an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. It’s the only way to get this style of pizza with the thin but bubbly crust.

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