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The Most Powerful Gangs In Brooklyn

The Most Powerful Gangs In Brooklyn

New York Magazine put out a very interesting info graphic charting the general territories of the most prevalent gangs in NYC. The Bloods are the most dominating force in Brooklyn by a large margin, the Crips being their closest competitor at 1/4th the size borough wide. The Trinitarios and Dominicans Don’t Play have a presence in Williamsburg, and the Latin Kings hold sway in Coney Island, Sunset Park, and Bushwick.

So who are they? And where are they? “Everywhere,” says Michael Hines, a gang mediator at the city-funded Council for Unity. “It’s not like the old days, where you had Bloods and Crips and there was a political ideology. These kids just get together, call themselves whatever.” But with so many crews and cliques—Money Over Bitches, Vatos Locos, 40 Wolves, Gun Clappin Goonies, Get Money Boys, From Da Zoo, the New Dons, 28 Gunnaz, Stack Money Family, and so on—it’s hard for even the most connected gang banger to keep everybody straight.

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