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Possible Suicide Attempt on Williamsburg Bridge (Pics)

Looks like there was a possible suicide attempt on the Williamsburg Bridge between 3 and 3:30 pm today. The male in question is rumored to have been sitting high up on the protective cage over the northside of the bike and footpath and had to be talked down by authorities. We only arrived on the scene at around 3:45 pm when the individual was already loaded into an emergency vehicle and being trucked off of the bridge. Repeat: he did NOT jump. A+ to authorities for talking him down.

Needless to say, the footpath was shut for quite a while with foot and bike traffic building up at either end. The bridge is now reopened to foot and bike traffic with vehicle traffic remaining unaffected.

Please note that few of the details are confirmed via authorities. We can say for sure that the individual in question is a man, was talked down by authorities and is now in custody. If you have any additional details, please send them our way so we can update the story. Pictures of the scene below:

Williamsburg Bridge - Manhattan Side - Path Shut (pic c/o Martin Maisonpierre)

Williamsburg Bridge - Manhattan Side - Ambulance Backing Off Of Bridge (pic c/o Martin Maisonpierre)

Pedestrian and Biker Traffic Buildup Williamsburg Bridge - Manhattan Side (pic c/o Martin Maisonpierre)

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