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More Fun with the G-Train – Our Advice: Get a Bicycle. . .

Will There Ever be Light at the End of the G-Train Tunnel?

According to our good friend and local assemblyman, Joe Lentol, the G train will once again be snarling your commute across Brooklyn for six weekends to come.

The work schedule for each weekend will be 12:01 a.m. Saturday through 5:00 a.m. Monday.

The 6 weekends are:

July 17-19

July 24-26

August 7-9

August 21-23

September 11-13

September 25-27

Our advice: get a bicycle.

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  • Pink wine, red meat, green pasta. Nice to have a home cooked meal.
  • Hiking in Montana de Oro state park earlier today.
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah.
  • Nicole Ilaw on the 'traveling rings' in Santa Monica.
  • There's a regular rotation of people going crazy on the #rings out in Santa Monica. Shooting them in #silhouette.
  • Skateboarders on Santa Monica bike path.
  • 21
  • The Los Angeles sprawl.
  • Finished.
  • Snapchat HQ on Venice Beach boardwalk.
  • Califuckingfornia.
  • Old Impala
  • Bolt of #lightning above the Virgin River, between The Sentinel and Twin Brothers. NOAA just released severe flash #flood warnings for The Narrows from 6-10pm tonight, this is the storm they're warning people about. Hope the hikers out there either charge out of there or find high ground. @thephotosociety @outsidemagazine
  • Steering wheel and dashboard of an old 1948 #Pontiac Silver Streak Coupe. One of about a hundred rusted out cars in Bill's yard in Glendale, Utah.
  • The Narrows in Zion. I was shuttled sixteen miles to a tributary and hiked down the entire length of the slot canyon. Serious bidness.
  • Not the kind of #weather you want to see when you're at 2100' of #elevation and 4 miles from the ground by #trail. I could hear the #thunder in the distance, rounded the corner and saw this creeping up. 20 minutes later I'm watching #lightning strike and only counting to three before the thunder echoed through the #canyon. A little more than I anticipated from #observation point in #Zion.
  • A #storm brewing in #Capitol #Reef on a dirt #road - a sign warned that if there was a hint of #rain in the air this road was a no go due to flash #flood risk. I didn't test the sign maker's knowledge.
  • The roads of #Utah are unreal. This was shot in #Capitol #Reef - The iron deposits in the #sandstone make this place look more like Mars than Earth. #roadtrip #road #horizon #street
  • #Rodeo just outside of #Pagosa Springs on Mill Creek Road. Three of sixteen girls setting up the figure 8... There was only one minor scrape during the performance.
  • Voodoo over the Hoodoos. A #double #rainbow over #Bryce #Canyon hoodoos and #ponderosa pine trees. @natgeo

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