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Hipster Speed Dating

Hipster Speed Dating

Hipster Speed Dating

Saw this when walking back from photographing Bustin Boards for an upcoming article. Apparently Thursday is Hipster Speed Dating night at Macri Park. Thoughts?

Update: It has come to my attention that the organizer of the recurring event is actually called “The Internet Killed Your Social Skills” and they can be found at their website or on Facebook.

  • HipsterLove

    Hipster Speed Dating is back at Macri Park tonight! Be there or miss out on your chance at Hipster Love!!

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  • Califuckingfornia.
  • Old Impala
  • Bolt of #lightning above the Virgin River, between The Sentinel and Twin Brothers. NOAA just released severe flash #flood warnings for The Narrows from 6-10pm tonight, this is the storm they're warning people about. Hope the hikers out there either charge out of there or find high ground. @thephotosociety @outsidemagazine
  • Steering wheel and dashboard of an old 1948 #Pontiac Silver Streak Coupe. One of about a hundred rusted out cars in Bill's yard in Glendale, Utah.
  • The Narrows in Zion. I was shuttled sixteen miles to a tributary and hiked down the entire length of the slot canyon. Serious bidness.
  • Not the kind of #weather you want to see when you're at 2100' of #elevation and 4 miles from the ground by #trail. I could hear the #thunder in the distance, rounded the corner and saw this creeping up. 20 minutes later I'm watching #lightning strike and only counting to three before the thunder echoed through the #canyon. A little more than I anticipated from #observation point in #Zion.
  • A #storm brewing in #Capitol #Reef on a dirt #road - a sign warned that if there was a hint of #rain in the air this road was a no go due to flash #flood risk. I didn't test the sign maker's knowledge.
  • The roads of #Utah are unreal. This was shot in #Capitol #Reef - The iron deposits in the #sandstone make this place look more like Mars than Earth. #roadtrip #road #horizon #street
  • #Rodeo just outside of #Pagosa Springs on Mill Creek Road. Three of sixteen girls setting up the figure 8... There was only one minor scrape during the performance.
  • Voodoo over the Hoodoos. A #double #rainbow over #Bryce #Canyon hoodoos and #ponderosa pine trees. @natgeo
  • Wisdom scrawled in a bathroom stall. Things I hate: 1) #Vandalism 2) #Irony 3) #Lists
  • Where's the last place you want to be when Zeus is about throw down? Storm out of nowhere, smashed through while on a five miler in #Bryce #Canyon. There were dead trees to dodge, lightning, big fat Forrest Gump rain drops, evidence of prior rock slides and dry riverbeds rapidly rehydrating.
  • Utah byways.
  • This is how you turn a .6 mile #hike into a 7 mile hike. From #Sipapu Bridge to #Kachina and back. Natural Bridges National.
  • #Dogen in #Durango #Colorado behind Homeslice Pizza.
  • A conspiracy is brewing at #Taos Mesa. Lunch pale #ale and the #hopper
  • The steel deck arche #bridge 660 feet above the #Rio #Grande #Gorge - It is the tenth highest bridge in the US. About ten miles from #Taos NM. Some barb wire fence may have been bypassed for the shot.
  • Abandoned, #rusted and #faded little amusement park next to #Quartz Mountain in #Oklahoma. I didn't know Oklahoma had mountains either.
  • A category F5 #tornado ripped through #Moore #Oklahoma about a month ago. You see it on tv, hard to comprehend when you walk around in the aftermath.
  • The pool didn't open until 11am, but swimming at sunrise could not be passed up. #nofilter #roadtrip

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